Friday, 27 February 2009

Millenium Music Festival

Last Saturday, February 21st, I went along to Cardiff's Millenium stadium with some friends and we listened to a free performance by two bands. This was part of a 24-hour music festival which was funded by the Wellcome Trust and took place at venues all over the UK. From what I understood, the music from these venues would be recorded seperately and then played simultaneously to target the brain's neurons, combining music, art and science.

A solo acoustic act played about half a dozen songs which were funny but judging from the performer's attitude I'm still not sure if they were meant to be. He described one of songs as a reaction against a critic who said his songs were funny, yet the song lyrics were about killing that critic...

The next act were a three-man band (minus a member) who mumbled their lines, dropped instruments and were quite challenging to the ear. Nevertheless, the event provided a great atmosphere among the sixty-strong audience. Jaffa cakes were passed round (bonus!) and photos were taken and I certianly enjoyed the unique experience especially as it was in the stadium looked beautiful, lit up in the warm and waning afternoon sunshine.

Followed by a glass of wine in The Pen and Wig, we all had a great day out!

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