Saturday, 29 November 2008

For Norman

I had to fetch some logs for Mummy
on my way to the woodhouse I saw a bat
I’d only seen a real bat before on telly
This one was sitting by the stinky drain
I picked him up and held him in both hands
his wing hung down like an old nana skin
he hissed to me then I hissed hi back to him
then he hissed to me his name was Norman

me and Norman went to show him to Mum
I said Mum this is Norman but she screamed
she jumped onto a chair and I think she swore
thats naughty though so maybe I made that up
she did jump up onto her chair though
then she shouted at Norman and then at me
I said she didnt much like Norman
but she said she didnt much like Vernon

me and Norman went back to his drain
he hissed to me he didnt like Mum either
you mustnt say that so I told him off
I tapped his wing but Id forgot it was broke
he hissed to me it was definitely broke
I put him down and Tarka sniffed him
I put her water bowl over him to be safe

inside I said Daddy would you be a vet
Mum said no cos vets dont help Vernon
I said hes called Norman and hes my friend
then Mum said Dad would fix the flying rat
I said to Dad where Normans home was
Mum said it was way passed my bedtime

out the window I waved nunight to Norman
Daddy said he would play vet round the back
when he came back hed straighted Normans wing
I knew cos he didnt carry Norman now
he was carrying a rolling pin

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